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Learning with MOOCs - Part 1

(There are variables to taking a MOOC that I was concerned with before, things that have turned me off enough to get my money back for previous efforts wasted. Probably the biggest problem for past-me has been the lack of quality control over the syllabus. A course can be very long and in-depth, with practically no real access to support beyond reaching out to other students taking the course.)

Here are some pointers for those who dare try to fly while sporting the downy, stubby wings of knowledge:

  1. Don’t set your expectations too high. I.e. remember that this is an online class, with a lot of students who don’t speak the English language too well. Assignments may be graded highly by native language speakers, terribly by non-native speakers.

  2. Do what you can with the time you have, but don’t sweat making all the assignments the best. This goes back to the first point, but to clarify that the time to put into the assignments really only needs to satisfy the rubrics. There are no A’s, B’s, or F’s. Really, you can go back to a class if you didn’t pass and do it as many times as you want. The point is to learn, not to compete with the class.